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Company Mission

crestMid-West Terminal Warehouse Company has a mission to provide high-quality and cost-effective bulk terminal and industrial real estate services in the Kansas City area. As a multi-service provider to the real estate and logistics industries, Mid-West Terminal upholds the highest standards in serving our clients.

Mission Statement:

Mid-West Terminal employees are proud of the vital link they provide in the economic chain of the Midwest region. With respect for our customers and clients, Mid-West Terminal employees maintain an excellent industry reputation with consistent superior service and attention to detail. As a leader in the industrial real estate and bulk terminal industries in the Midwest, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of industry-specific clients and customers. We will expand to meet the dynamic needs of our clients while maintaining our high quality, timely and efficient service.

Core Values:

  • Deliver and maintain high-quality service and product
  • Employ qualified caring individuals and provide strong leadership
  • Concern for our company and our reputation with clients and customers
  • Maintain business in areas in which we have expertise
  • Know and meet the expectations of our customers and clients
  • Anticipate clients’ and customers’ future needs and provide for those needs